Dr. Donald Vinh. (Photo by Sandra Sciangula)

Dr. Donald Vinh was interviewed by CBC News on the importance of implementing vaccine passports in restaurants and the concern for owners to comply to the rules.

Are there going to be incentives for business owners to use it? Or punishments or penalties if they don't use it? Dr. Donald Vinh

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Dr. Donald Vinh was also interviewed by Andrew Nichols from CBC News on the importance of the vaccine passport.

I think it’s a necessary intervention at this stage. What we’ve seen in the last month is that we’ve had a decline really we’re at the inflection point of another wave … and if we want to protect what’s going to happen in the fall which is of course return to school, cegeps, universities and work we need to do something now. I think this is the right time to implement this intervention. Dr. Donald Vinh

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