Dr. Don Sheppard is interviewed by Mutsumi Takahashi on COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Don Sheppard explains why two doses of the mRNA vaccine are needed and discusses the latest Novavax single dose vaccine and its efficacy against the new variants of COVID-19. He explains the best prevention is to wear a mask wash hands and most importantly to avoid travel to avoid bringing these new variants into Canada. Watch full interview here.

The current mRNA vaccines first dose wakes up the immune system, we inject you with a piece of the virus and it activates the first responder immune system. You make antibodies, you activate cells but they’re not quite fully trained and the level of activation is not as high as if we give the second dose or booster dose. That second dose really locks in the specialized response so we get a better quality of immunity and it also locks in the duration because if we only give the first dose your immune system might kind of forget and say it wasn’t really important but if you give that second dose you convince it to last a long time.  —Dr. Don Sheppard.